At some point in time, you will want to add more space to your home. It’s inevitable that as your life grows so should your home. You’ve already invested time, money, and love into your house. Why not add an extra bedroom, closet, or bathroom to accommodate your lifestyle needs?

In this post, Service One Construction will share the 13 step process to start your home addition process. Homeowners in Bay Shore, NY will find this guide helpful and informative, seeing that a home addition in the city can be somewhat complicated.

Your Home Addition Process

#1. Make The Decision

Before you get started with your home addition, you need to decide you actually want to pursue the project. The process is not for the faint of heart. A home addition will test you. This is why Service One Construction highly recommends you work with a Bay Shore construction contractor to make the most out of your project.

#2. Establish A Budget

The first question most homeowners ask is, “how do I make a budget, when I don’ know how much it will cost?” Great question! In fact, the reason you create a budget is to keep your spending grounded in reality. Many homeowners get lost in the excitement and allure of making this home addition the best it can be, and rightfully so. However, a budget helps manage financials, make decisions, and keep the project moving forward instead of leaving you with a half completed addition.

#3 – Secure Funding

If you do not have the cash to pay for your home addition up front, you will need to secure funding. This can take months. Start this process as soon as you decide you want to move forward with your home addition.

#4 – Choose A Bay Shore Contractor

Get in touch with a reputable, reliable Bay Shore contractor like Service One Construction to determine cost of material, labor, and a general project timeline. First, get a quote from the construction company. Next, decide which quote fits your budget. Finally, choose your contractor.

#5 – Meet With The Architect

You will want to set a meeting with an architect, either one associated with your Bay Shore contractor or one you know and trust. This meeting will take care of the specifics like dimensions, layout, and structure.

#6 – Permits, Site Preparation, Demolition

Your Bay Shore contractor will be able to walk you through the permit process. In some cases, you will need to draw up and submit the permits, but your construction professional will be able to guide you through the steps needed to successfully submit and obtain a permit for your home addition. The site will be prepared for demolition to whatever extent is needed. In most cases, the site will need to be bare dirt or framing.

#7 – Foundation and Framing

If the addition is on the first floor, it will need a foundation. A basement or crawl space may need to be addressed, as well. This is where your contractor will help you determine what you need. Second floor home additions require the site to be stripped of everything except framing. Once your home is ready for the addition, the foundation and framing will go up.

#8 – The Walls and Roof

Once foundation and framing is complete the interior and exterior walls are added, sheetrocked, and spackled. Finally, the roof is added. At this point in the project, it will move forward much faster than prior. You can see the building taking shape, and the toughest parts have been completed.


#9 – Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing

All the vital interior systems are added like electrical, HVAC, and plumbing as needed. At this stage, if may look like your project has slowed down. In fact, your project is near finished. Electrical is run through the walls. HVAC is added, and plumbing set.

#10 – Windows and Doors

New windows and doors are added to the framing. This means that you are only a few steps away from your addition being complete. You should note that it’s best to install new windows, not used ones.

#11 – Paint and Flooring

The final interior and exterior work is completed with flooring and painting. Your Bay Shore contractor will help you determine which is taken care of first.

#12 – Trim Work

Finally, the trim work is completed for your home addition. Your contractor or the carpenter hired for the job will come in and install the final details of you addition with trim like baseboards, window trim, crown molding, and more.

#13 – Inspections

Throughout your entire home addition process, you will need to have inspections completed. Your Bay Shore contractor will be able to help you get these scheduled and successfully pass each stage.

Ready to start your home addition project on your Bay Shore home? Contact Service One Construction to schedule your estimate.