When you start your search in Bay Shore for a General Contractor, you need to be aware of common construction scams. It can be tempting to take the lowest bid, or the first construction company you talk to, but we would strongly suggest you reconsider saying yes early. In this post, we share five general contractor scams to watch out for in Bay Shore.

Five Construction Scams To Avoid

Although we want to believe that all contractors in Bay Shore are doing the right thing, it’s not always the case. You want to be diligent with which construction company you hire and for how much. Here are five scams to avoid when hiring a construction company:

Scam #1 – Poor Quality

This is more of a rip-off than a scam. Some general contractors in Bay Shore spend less on cheaper material and quickly “finish” the job to get paid quicker. This is a scam in the sense that they did not give you top-quality material or workmanship. You deserve better! Ask which type of materials the contractor will use and who will be completing the project to avoid this scam.

Scam #2 – Disappearing Deposit

It is necessary in some cases to pay a deposit to get onto a contractor’s busy schedule or to start a project; however, you need to be aware of the deposit amount. If you haven’t signed a contract, met the contractor, or shown the project location to the contractor, do not pay them the money. On-call estimates are easy ways for deposits to disappear once they’re paid.

Scam #3 – Cost Inflation

A sleazy scam some contractors try to pull is to create more damage so they can charge more for material and labor. Before you call a general contractor in Bay Shore, take photos of the damage, repair, or remodel, so you have physical proof of its state before work begins. This will protect you if the situation escalates, and you need to get the law involved.

Scam #4 – Fake Damage

Comparable to scam number three, a general contractor will create damage that you cannot confirm unless you put yourself at risk. For example, a roof inspection may result in you needing a complete roof replacement. An easy way to avoid this scam is to get a second or third opinion for the project.

Scam #5 – Pay The Deductible

Sleazy general contractors in Bay Shore will offer to pay your deductible to get your business. Unfortunately, the contractor uses this as a gateway into committing insurance fraud. They will, in most cases, send the insurance company an inflated invoice for the project and send you one that is less. The best way to avoid this scam is to get an estimate, get a contract, and make sure your insurance company got the estimate and invoice you were given, too. If not, it’s time to report the contractor for fraud.

Discover Your General Contractor in Bay Shore

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