Are you looking for a general contractor in Bay Shore? Do you have a renovation, remodel, or construction project in mind? It’s time you found the best construction company to complete your project for you! It can be somewhat daunting to go online and search “general contractor near me” and find millions of results in a search engine. How do you choose which one? It can be tough. We get it. However, once you do find a contractor and hire them, you need to be on the lookout for the common construction problems shared in this post.

Three Common Construction Problems

If you’ve finally found a general contractor, it’s nearly time to sign a contract and get started on your home renovation or remodel project. Although you want to move forward, it’s actually time to slow down. Do your due diligence and ensure the success of your project. Here are three problems to watch out for:

Problem #1 – The Project is Not in Writing

Whether it’s a neighbor or a professional contractor from New York, you need to get the work proposed in writing and with a rate attached to it. Yes, we believe in the DIY movement. We want neighbors to help one another improve their homes and the like. However, you have to protect yourself first. It’s better to ruffle some feathers before the work is even started than to wait until the middle of a project and a disagreement.

Problem #2 – Two Schedule Meetings

When the general contractor only wants to meet on deposit and payday, it’s a problem. The longer the project will take to complete, the more meetings you and the contractor need to have. This means that a meeting once a week for a six-week project would suffice. Also, a deadline alongside a project timeline should have been established before the project even started. If you don’t have meetings, timelines, and deadlines, you have a major construction problem.

Problem #3 – Bringing Concerns/Questions to Subcontractors

If you have to take your concerns or questions to the subcontractor, you have a problem. In a large majority of cases, you should be communicating with the general contractor, not the subcontractor. If you and the general contractor decide that it’s best that you discuss issues with the subcontractor than that’s fine. However, get the general’s information in the event of a discrepancy in order to set things straight.

What to Expect from Your General Contractor

Once you decide on your general contractor in Bay Shore, you should expect the following:

  • Project to be completed in writing
  • A specific timeline for project completion
  • Tentative meeting dates, at least once per week
  • Direct-line communication with your general contractor

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